My New Project! “New Lens Concert Series”

Well, some composers don’t only compose, and I’m one of them. I’ve founded a new concert series with composer Juhi Bansal and cellist Kevin Krentz of the Finisterra Piano Trio.

Introducing the New Lens Concert Series: Rediscovering the Masterworks Through Contemporary Music!

The mission of New Lens is to

Juxtapose Eras.

We believe that the 20th century witnessed a rift between classical composers and audiences that has still not been fully repaired. While the complete closure of this divide is an ultimate dream, our immediate and obtainable goal is to show today’s audiences that there are contemporary composers whose aims and aesthetics align with that lost era. We do this through careful programming of pieces by living and/or obscure composers and selected masterworks by those firmly established in the pantheon.

Evolve the Program.

Though the variety of venues for classical music has been steadily growing over the past few decades, the way the music is presented has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Our concert series radically alters this by performing two sections of continuous music with only the slightest pause between pieces. Larger pieces are connected by shorter compositions for subsets of the featured ensemble. The result is a pair of seamless wholes that contextually reframes each piece within them.

Transcend Assumptions.

To the dismay of “new music” musicians, many classical music consumers prefer to attend concerts featuring proven rather than emerging composers. These concertgoers assume that contemporary music has little in common with their beloved repertoire. But what if these listeners struggled to distinguish lesser-known works of the great composers from those of today’s composers? What if they weren’t informed of the program prior to the performance? We conceal our programs from the audience until after each half has concluded, thus eluding many preconceived notions that the listeners may have based simply upon the composers’ names and dates. The audience may then be more receptive to new music, and if they find themselves enjoying it, we hope that they will seek out the music of living composers in the future.

We have shows planned for:

April 16, 2012: Seattle, WA: Good Shepherd Center
April 17, 2012: Los Angeles, CA: Special Outreach Concert at Renaissance Arts Academy
April 18, 2012: Los Angeles, CA: Pasadena Conservatory
April 19, 2012: San Francisco, CA: Special Event with Salon97
April 20, 2012: San Francisco, CA: Old First Church

This is all very exciting, so pleased stay tuned. Also, I’d love to see some of you at these shows if you can make it!


The New Lens Concert Series is made possible in part due to the support of the Subito Grant Program of the American Composers Forum—San Francisco Bay Chapter.

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